New Resources for Employers and Employees

Caring Together Lompoc has launched a new initiative, aimed specifically at employers in Lompoc, with the goal of making resources on family caregiving readily available to all affected employees.

Materials can be accessed here.

Sharing resources for caregivers to ‘care’ for themselves will help improve their personal health, the quality of care they can provide for their loved ones – and the impact of caregiving in the workplace.

Caring Together Lompoc is pleased to provide your organization with free materials and consultation for you and your employees to help raise awareness of resources available in Lompoc.

We can help you at any stage, with resources and referrals for employees, materials for your own outreach, or if you would like help surveying your workplace or exploring workplace policies.

For a free presentation to your staff or employees please email your request to Lindsey Arevalos:


New Resources for Employers and Employees