Scholarships for Student Caregivers

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As the population of older adults continues to grow and life spans lengthen, more and more young people are taking on the role of caregiver for older loved ones. While the exact number of young people taking on this responsibility is not well understood, it’s estimated to be well over 1 million.

On top of their demanding caregiving duties, many of these young people are simultaneously pursuing high school, college or graduate-level education. Scholarships for student-caregivers help ease the financial burden faced by these extremely hardworking students.

It’s understandable that student caregivers may not have the time to scour the Internet to find available scholarships to help them pay for college. That’s why is handling some of that research by compiling and updating a list to ensure students have access to the latest caregiver scholarships and information.

Available Scholarships for Student Caregivers

Caregiving is a challenging and demanding role at any age. In addition to the time investment, a 2017 survey found that 38 percent of caregivers spend more than 30 hours a week caring for their loved one- caregiving can also be a financial drain.

Among survey respondents, 44 percent of caregivers spend at least $5,000 per year to care for their loved one, with 25 percent spending over $10,000 annually. These challenges can be exacerbated for young caregivers in school, who already face financial constraints and busy schedules while pursuing an education.

If you’re interested in applying for a Student Caregiving Scholarship, visit‘s scholarship page!

Meet Previous Winners

  • Clare Buonocore – a student at Marymount Manhattan College majoring in human rights politics while being a caregiver for her father (Winter 2018)
  • Sara Feldman – Sara Feldman is a student at the University of Michigan earning a Master of Public Health degree while being a caregiver for her mother (Winter 2018)
  • Venus Tadrzak — a student at Cleveland State University who is majoring in accounting and caring for her mother (Summer 2017)
  • Hunter Johnson — a student at Clemson University who is majoring in health science and caring for her brother (Summer 2017)
  • Tommy Tran — a student at the University of Houston who is studying biotechnology and is caring for his father (Fall 2016)
  • Jessica Jacob — a student at Adelphi University who is pursuing a nursing degree and caring for her mother (Fall 2016)
  • DreAnna Perry — a student at Brigham Young University who is studying exercise physiology and is caring for her mother (Fall 2016)
Scholarships for Student Caregivers
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