Are You a Caregiver?

You are if you…

checkbox graphic, uncheckedAssist a senior with household tasks, or drive them to errands or appointments.
checkbox graphic, uncheckedHelp a senior with personal care like bathing, meals, dressing or grooming.
checkbox graphic, uncheckedHave less time for yourself because you are caring for a senior.

What are Caregivers in Lompoc experiencing?

  • 88% of family caregivers provide assistance with cooking, shopping, laundry or chores for a senior parent or spouse.
  • 84% of family caregivers provide transportation for a senior parent or spouse.
  • 59% of family caregivers manage finances for a senior parent or spouse.

What is Caring Together Lompoc?

cropped-logo-caring-together-lompoc.jpgCaregiving impacts our entire community.

Caring Together Lompoc is a public awareness campaign aimed at increasing the ability of caregivers to self-identify as a “caregiver.” Caring Together Lompoc is focused on helping caregivers understand they are not alone in their caregiving efforts.

Need Help Now?

Introducing: The Lompoc Valley Medical Center Family Caregiver Support NetworkThe LVMC Family Caregiver Support Network is a permanent hub for local caregiver resources providing free and confidential assessment of caregiving needs.

Office Phone: 805-875-8875

Call for an appointment.

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