What is Caring Together Lompoc?

Created in 2016, Caring Together Lompoc is a collaboration of local agencies and nonprofits serving family caregivers. Our public awareness campaign is aimed at increasing the ability of folks to self-identify as a caregiver while helping them understand they are not alone in their caregiving efforts. Caregiving impacts everyone, and Lompoc is no exception.


The Need For a Caregiving Community

A 2016 Needs Assessment of Lompoc’s seniors and caregivers taught us the following:

  • 88% of family caregivers provide assistance with cooking, shopping, laundry or chores for a senior parent or spouse.
  • 84% of family caregivers provide transportation for a senior parent or spouse.
  • 59% of family caregivers manage finances for a senior parent or spouse.
  • 100% of family caregivers experience increased stress due to caregiving.

With 1 in every 6 Lompoc residents caring for an elderly friend or loved one, this data shows a clear need to take initiative in our community to unite caregiving resources. 

This website serves as the homebase for Caring Together Lompoc and is here to serve YOU. You can find downloadable toolkits with resources, a stress quiz to help understand how needed resources can help lower your current stress level, a link to “Care Maps” which helps you create and understand your caregiving landscape, and contact information for the Lompoc Valley Medical Center’s Family Caregiver Support Network.

The site also provides the data collected by the initiative’s campaign partners with links to their websites and Caring Together Lompoc media coverage.


Caring Together Lompoc is generously funded by the
Santa Barbara Foundation’s Community Caregiving Initiative.