Caring Together Lompoc has proven to be a great success to catalyze awareness around the issue of caregiving, and also around self-identification amongst Lompoc caregivers.

We absolutely could not do this work without the Caring Together Lompoc campaign partners, both funded and unfunded – direct service providers, experts in caregiving, and our senior population – who have informed and guided this work.

Please join us in this shout out to all of the partners in the Caring Together Lompoc campaign. Thank you, partners, for paving the way for Lompoc to care for our caregivers, and help them care for their loved ones… and themselves!

partner spotlight Santa Barbara Foundationpartner spotlight FCSN

Partner Spotlight CCRC

If you or someone you know is experiencing a new or long-time caregiving role, you are not alone. The FCSN is here to connect every Lompoc caregiver with the resources that they need to care for their loved one – and for themselves. Don’t wait to find the support you need! Call (805) 875-8875 or visit And for more info about caregivers in Lompoc, visit the Caring Together Lompoc website at